Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 24%.

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Broad spectrum hemp oil with 24% CBD.
  • Vial : 10 ml, with pipette
  • CBD : 24 %
  • THC : not detected
  • Made in Switzerland according to Bio Suisse guidelines.

Made in Switzerland according to the directives of Bio Suisse.

This oil is exceptional in its category because it is extracted from cannabis plants fully planted, cultivated, harvested and processed in Switzerland. The farm is certified Bio Suisse and the raw extract of cannabis is also certified Bio Suisse. Nowhere in the world does an oil as environmentally friendly as this exist. They are one of the only cannabis oils from a Swiss culture guaranteed without pollutants to receive the Bio Bud certification, CH-BIO-006.
Cultivated and harvested manually, this cannabis is carefully worked using advanced technologies to extract its precious oil, without keeping tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This oil retains its cannabinoid potential and softens the aroma of terpenes, characteristic of full spectrum oils. Its broad spectrum and standardized CBD make it a product of choice for many people sensitive to THC. THC-free. With this broad spectrum CBD oil, we benefit from all cannabinoids, without THC. Do not miss it !


SwissExtract oils are exclusively manufactured from high quality cannabis.

Available for export due to the absence of THC. *

* Subject to legislation specific to a country or region.

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Certificate of Analysis

100% natural ingredients and certified Bio Suisse

  • Broad Spectrum hemp extract (from a certified Bio Suisse farm)
  • Sunflower oil (Bio Suisse)
  • CH  2295 (certification of the farm)
  • CH-BIO-006 (Bio Suisse certification of the product)
Bio Suisse is one of the strictest organic certifications in the world (the Bio Bud label respects the specifications of Bio Suisse). The best quality for you.
Organic production meeting standards much more stringent than legal requirements; high biodiversity requirements, animal-friendly farming.
  • 100% organic production
  • Concrete measures to protect ecosystems and the diversity of species
  • A ban on air transport
  • Fair working conditions and trade relations
  • A ban on genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Transparency and independent annual controls
  • Regular training and efficiency checks


GHS02 flammeGHS07 exclamGHS09 aq. pollut.


  • Harmful if swallowed.
  • Can cause cutaneous allergy.
  • Causes serious eye irritation.
  • May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

Precautionary statement: please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).



The only CBD oils from a Swiss culture guaranteed without pollutants to receive the Swiss Bud (Bio Suisse) label: SwissExtract CBD Oil for you and CBD Pet Oil for your animal. All organic. And only the best. There are many Full Spectrum CBD oils, but only ours has received the coveted Swiss Bud (Bio Suisse) label. Organic Swiss certified farmers plant and grow our cannabis. An accredited laboratory continuously analyzes our products and confirms our superior quality. - No wonder: only 100% natural substances are used in the cultivation of our cannabis plants. No artificial products (herbicides and pesticides) are used.
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3 reviews for Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 24%.

  1. Joanna

    Concentrated and accurate. The certificate of analysis convinced me that what the label says is true. I feel much more at peace with a few drops twice a day.

  2. IamInBern

    Works effectively for my hand tremor. It tastes strongly like cannabis but I like it. I feel calmer too.

  3. Epiben

    Couldn’t continue with clobazam. I asked my physician for a substitute. Nothing was good enough or tolerable. A friend of mine told me that his neurologist used CBD as a last resort for my condition. I gradually decreased clobazam thanks to CBD. We had to adjust the dosage, but we’re good. My physician is glad too.

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