Privacy policy

Commitment to the confidentiality of your personal data

86Avenue LLC collects as little information as possible about you. In order to be able to deliver your order, guarantee the security of your data or collect your opinion on specific pages, it may nevertheless happen that we need certain personal information.

86Avenue LLC treats your personal data with care and ensures that your privacy is protected. Here are our three commitments regarding the confidentiality of your personal data:

Restricted use to the maximum

We never share your personal data with third parties without valid reason.

Responsible treatment

We protect and treat your personal information as if it were our own.

Transparent use

We use your personal information only for the purposes described below.

What personal information does 86Avenue LLC store?

Name, address and place of residence

Your name is stored because you are more than a customer number to us when you contact our support. We also need your name and place of residence to prepare your invoices, to contact you or to visit you for a cup of tea (if you invite us).

Email address

We store your email address to send you important messages regarding your order or account. We also keep you informed through newsletters on new developments at 86Avenue Sàrl. If necessary, you can choose to unsubscribe from them.

Phone number

We store your phone number to contact you in an emergency or ask your opinion. In addition, we use your number to send you text messages as part of 2-step verification or to authenticate you.

Connection details and customer number

We store your login data to secure access to your account and to ensure that only authorized people can access your personal data. We also generate a unique customer number so that we can help you more quickly and efficiently.

IP address

We store your IP address to allow you to have an overview of the IP addresses used to connect to your account and to verify the author of any changes. This information is also used to strengthen the protection of your account against unauthorized access from other locations.

Payment info

We store payment information such as your Skrill contact information, PayPal, your credit card, account number, and your name as an account holder. The processing of your payments also involves other parties such as the companies affiliated to your means of payment or credit cards. When ordering, we also generate a unique offer or invoice number which will then be linked to your account.

Your use of our website

The details mentioned above in combination with cookies allow us to see how you use our site, our services, and to identify your interests. This allows us to improve our site, our services and the targeting of our advertisements.

When do we share your information with other parties?

86Avenue LLC develops its solutions internally and collaborates with partners who comply with our security standards. In addition, your data is only shared with third parties in the following cases:

  • Provide or perform our services We use services such as Skrill or Postfinance to offer different payment options.
  •   Improve our services, our site or our advertising We use software from other parties to measure how much you like a new product page.
  •   Getting Feedback We sometimes use survey companies to find out how satisfied you are with our services.
  •   Fulfill a legal obligation A court order may compel us to share your information with the police.

Fight against fraud

Your personal information allows us to verify your identity when people contact us and attempt to steal your identity with incorrect information.


Cookies may contain personal information about you, such as your browsing behavior and interests. See our cookie policy for more information.

Legal or contractual provisions for the provision of personal data

The provision of personal data may be required by law or result from contractual regulations. To conclude a contract, we are, for example, obliged to collect and process personal data. Otherwise, no contract could be concluded.

Existence of a decision-making and automatic profiling process

86Avenue LLC does not accept decision-making or automatic profiling.

Duration of storage of personal data

We process and store personal data only for the time necessary to achieve the storage objective or within the limit required by law. As a general rule, the purpose of the processing is achieved upon termination of the contract.

  • You can modify and delete the data that you store yourself in our services. After the termination of the contract, we delete your data stored in the corresponding services after the expiration of the legal retention period.

  • The backup copies in our systems are automatically deleted after the period mentioned in our general conditions. Regarding contractual data, they are deleted after the expiration of the legal retention period.

Your rights on your personal data

How does 86Avenue LLC use my data?

We use information about you to provide, improve, update and optimize the services we provide to you. For example, we use information about you to create your account, provide our services, but also to detect and prevent any abuse or attempted fraud. Refer to our privacy policy for more information.