Full Spectrum HempExtract 10 NextBreeze™.

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Full spectrum hemp oil with 10% CBD.
  • Vial: glass, with pipette
  • CBD: 10 %
  • THC: < 0.4 %
  • Made in Switzerland according to Bio Suisse guidelines.
This oil is exceptional in its category because it is really FULL SPECTRUM. Unlike the majority of other products, THC is present in the same concentration as in the plant. CBD oils without THC are indeed not full spectrum: not only THC, but also other molecules are absent.
With this full spectrum CBD oil, we benefit from the whole entourage effect. Do not miss it !

This oil is extracted from cannabis plants fully planted, cultivated, harvested and processed in Switzerland. The farm is certified Bio Suisse and the raw extract of cannabis is also certified Bio Suisse. Nowhere in the world does an oil as environmentally friendly as this exist. ExaCan™ cannabis oils stem from a Swiss culture guaranteed without pollutants receiving the Bio Suisse certification, CH-BIO-006.
Cultivated and harvested manually, this cannabis is carefully worked using advanced technologies to extract the whole of its precious oil.


PLEASE NOTE: due to its THC level, this product is only available in Switzerland. If you believe that the laws applicable in your country allow the importation of such a product, please contact us for verification.

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Certificate of Analysis

100% natural ingredients and from certified Bio Suisse agriculture

  • Full Spectrum hemp extract (Bio Suisse)
  • Rapeseed oil (Bio Suisse)
  • CH 2295 (Bio Suisse farm certification)
  • CH-BIO-006 (Bio Suisse product certification)

Bio Suisse is one of the strictest organic certifications in the world (the Bio Bud label respects the specifications of Bio Suisse). The best quality for you.

Organic production meeting standards much more stringent than legal requirements; high biodiversity requirements, animal-friendly farming.

  • 100% organic production
  • Concrete measures to protect ecosystems and the diversity of species
  • A ban on air transport
  • Fair working conditions and trade relations
  • A ban on genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Transparency and independent annual controls
  • Regular training and efficiency checks

NOTE The final product is not certified Bio Suisse, or any other organic certification.

GHS02 flammeGHS07 exclamGHS09 aq. pollut.


  • Harmful if swallowed.
  • Can cause cutaneous allergy.
  • Causes serious eye irritation.
  • May cause drowsiness or dizziness.

Precautionary statement: please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).



A Swiss Brand. Astounding products from cannabis grown and processed in Switzerland. Swiss quality. What else do you need?

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100 ml, 30 ml

2 reviews for Full Spectrum HempExtract 10 NextBreeze™.

  1. Bonnie

    At first, I thought that this oil was quite expensive, but it is actually a 30 ml bottle. All in all, it is on the contrary rather cost effective. Plus, I really love the the taste and packaging. No more breaking by dropping!

  2. Turbo

    No more, no less.

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