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Raphael Mechoulam has passed away at the age of 92*

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« His research group discovered the first endocannabinoid in 1992, which he named anandamide. »

International Alliance for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM)

On 9 March 2023, Raphael Mechoulam, professor emeritus of medicinal chemistry at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, passed away at his home in Jerusalem at the age of 92. He is often referred to as the father or grandfather of cannabinoid research because of his ground-breaking discoveries. He had first determined the exact chemical structure of the cannabis active ingredient delta-9-THC in 1964, together with Yehiel Gaoni, and his research group discovered the first endocannabinoid in 1992, which he named anandamide.*

Raphi, as he was called by his friends, enjoyed high international recognition not only because of his great scientific achievements, but also because of his impressive personality, which made him a role model and inspiration for many scientists. He contributed significantly to improving the lives of thousands and thousands of people with severe diseases through cannabis treatment. We were fortunate and honoured to have him as a member of the IACM Board of Directors for many years and as Chairman of the IACM from 2003-2005. Among many other awards given to him during his life, he received the IACM Special Award in 2014 for his contributions to the re-introduction of cannabis and cannabinoids into medicine.*

We will miss him. He will live on in our hearts.*

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