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Vaud wants to supervise future cannabis sales pilot trials*

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« The canton does not intend to launch a trial of this type itself, but it supports the principle. »

The Vaud government

The Vaud Council of State wants to supervise pilot trials for the sale of cannabis for non-medical purposes. The Lausanne Cann-L project will be the first to see the light of day in the canton, after the final authorization from the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP), reports RTS.*

The Vaudois government submits to the Grand Council a draft decree which specifies the role of the cantonal authorities in monitoring and supervising the pilot projects. This is particularly the case in terms of safety and public health.*

Support for the principle of such trials*

The canton does not intend to launch a trial of this type itself, but it supports the principle, he explains in a press release on Thursday.*

In particular, it is planned to set up a monitoring and control commission. It will be responsible, in association with the FOPH, for monitoring the implementation of the trials, their coordination and the processing of any reports and complaints. This commission will be chaired by the cantonal doctor and will bring together experts, representatives of the municipalities and of justice and police circles.*

The canton will contribute to the financing of the scientific part of the trial. For this purpose, he is requesting an amount of 525,000 francs for three years.*

Dedicated store in the center of Lausanne*

On May 20, Lausanne presented its cannabis sales pilot project. The objective is to measure the effects of a regulated sales model on consumers and drug trafficking. Cannabis should be sold in a dedicated store downtown.*

A first study on the regulated sale of cannabis began at the end of January in pharmacies in Basel. Other projects are awaiting final authorization from the FOPH, notably in Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva.*

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